SmartDev offers dedicated teams of developers to build the product that your company needs.


Why Opting for the Team Extension Solution?

Your company needs software engineers who are both involved and qualified, and this can present multiple challenges:

  • There may be a shortage of local programmers
  • Local programmers are expensive
  • You may have to commit to long term contractual overheads
  • You have to invest time and money in headhunting
  • The profile you are looking for is too specific

These are the reasons why companies are looking for experienced offshore developers.

Where? In Vietnam

Team Extension Solution
SmartDev Offshore Developers

Hire a Team of Offshore Developers Who Live and Breathe Your Product!

SmartDev is an Agile software company with over 6 years of experience on the market.

We have delivered first-rate products to companies coming from Europe and Asia. We serve businesses of all sizes from early-stage startups to well-established companies.

Our deliveries follow the Agile mindset. We focus on delivering as much value as possible within the shortest timeframe. SmartDev’s mission is not only to craft custom software solutions but also to ensure the viability of our projects.
Before kickstarting your project, your dedicated team at SmartDev will be briefed. We want our resources to live and breathe your project.

You will be able to follow up the achievements of your team on a daily basis. Each dedicated team is orchestrated by a Product Owner who will communicate your vision to the team. Our POs have been hired for their excellent communication skills. They will maintain a complete transparency on the progress of the team.

At SmartDev, we value hard work and involvement. If you need a reliable technological partner to build the product of your dreams, contact us.



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Germany Sales Director
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France Sales Director

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