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IoT Services

IoT may seem a bit out there at first, but it’s already quite common. If you’ve ever used Alexa, said “Hey Google,” or used GPS, you’re familiar with the concept of IoT. Businesses can and increasingly will create devices that connect to the internet — leading to competitive advantages and significant appeal for customers. To do that, you’ll need robust frontend and backend development in IoT.

// Frontend

IoT Frontend Development

Frontend development for IoT is not particularly different from other forms of frontend development. It requires a smooth, functional user interface, reliable sensor tracking, and responsive communication with the backend system. Our developers know how to do all this, especially considering IoT frontend development languages are the same as the ones we already use.

Because absolutely IoT software relies on constant or nearly constant updating and sharing of data, the link between frontend and backend development has to be solid. We can help you make sure your product is as reliable as the hardware will allow. Your IoT frontend software will in many cases be the public face of your company — and you can be looking good on the leading edge of the trend.


// Backend

IoT Backend Development

IoT backend software has to be able to handle huge amounts of data and be scalable without being clunky. That’s right up our alley — we can confidently develop IoT backend solutions that can handle all the data you throw at it and then some.

In many cases, delays are not an option in IoT development. That’s why we ensure that our backend is as responsive as possible, while seamlessly connecting with the frontend. At the same time, the huge amounts of data many IoT devices generate mean strong security and privacy protection are an absolute must — since no one wants their company’s name making headlines for a data breach. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.