Hien L
Senior QA/QC Tester
Blackbox Testing
Whitebox Testing
Graybox Testing
Unit testing
Integration testing
System testing
Acceptance Testing
Testing Objectives: Test to past, Test to fail, Regression Testing
Non functional Testing: Performance Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing
Techniques for writing test case: Equivalence partitioning, Boundary value analysis, Cause and Effect Graphing, Error Guessing.

I am a QA who is responsible for the quality of the whole product to ensure the best experience & satisfaction of the customer. I love to research and adapt the new technologies for testing on the platform such as mobile or web.

Latest Projects
Kitchenpal1 Year

KitchenPal is the new app that will change how you cook and shop, helping you save money by wasting less while still helping you cook great tasting food and staying healthy.

Technologies: Black box testingIntegration testingSystem testing.

Belal II1 Year

Belal II is a mobile app prayer times reminder for Muslims

Technologies: Black box testingIntegration testingSystem testing.

Loci Amica1 Year

Loci Amica is the new app Travel Platform to Travellers and Guides can find each other. Loci Amica mission is to connect international travelers to local tour guides in Taiwan. The company’s ambitious intention is to let people skip the traditional tourist trap tour services found in every city and country around the world.

Technologies: Black box testingIntegration testingSystem testing.

Master of Computer of Science
Danang University2009 – 2012