Viet N
Senior Full Stack Developer

I am a full-stack developer, so I develop sites from their design (often doing a bit design work myself) right down to developing the server side code and the maintaining databases they run on.

Latest Projects
1 Year
Backend Development

Mission: Based on product requirement to make decisions using ppropriate technology (Angular for frontend, Laravel for backend and socket io to handle realtime). Training angular and laravel for members in team. Config, deploy, manage VPS server for company.

6 Months
Backend Development

Reference: Mission: Joining in analyzing and design database for backend using Laravel and Mysql. Received requirement from PO then assign tasks, support, review source code for members in team. Maintain, improve performance on product.

test4recruitment (Recently)
6 Months
Full Stack Development

Mission: Base on client requirement. I draw wireframes. After got confirmation from client. I start to implement on both frontend (Angular 8) and backend Laravel.

The University of Da Nang
2010 – 2014
Software Engineerin
HTML5, CSS3, JQuery
Angular 4+
Laravel framework
open source Magento CE (1 and 2)