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We offer the full lifecycle from design to ongoing maintenance of both hybrid and native applications across all platforms. We work collaboratively with you to ensure the product perfectly fits your vision and requirements.

UIUX Design


We specialise in building and maintaining secure, user-friendly tailored web applications that gives improve the users experience. Whether is for the internet or an intranet we are experts in creating applications that fit your style and professional needs.



The performance and the scalability of your applications are our concern. We build robust and well-conceived APIs to support heavy workloads without interruptions.

dedicated team


Whether you want to build on Android or iOS our team of expert mobile game developers can work with you to transform concepts into engaging games. The team are all passionate about game development meaning every game is designed considering the latest gamification trends and advances.

Mobile App development

Your mobile app deserves the A team — nothing less. Our Android and iOS app development experts have made apps for startups, big businesses, and everything in between.

Web App development

Snappy, tailor-made web applications require cutting-edge tech — which we revel in. That translates to a sleek and secure app built in a time frame to meet your needs.

Mobile Game development

We love seeing a game go from concept to reality. As consummate computer geeks ourselves, we fully understand what’s needed to make a fun, engaging game — and we have fun doing it, too.

Back-end development

While your customers or clients are busy being impressed by responsive user interfaces and clean front-end development, you can be confident knowing your app performs and scales how it needs to. Robust, well-conceived APIs mean your app can take all you throw at it — and then some.


We develop IoT applications that are compliant with international standards. Our team handles the programmation of your IoT-capable software starting from the architecture engineering all the way to the final delivery and support phase.

QA & Testing

We don’t wait for problems to sneak up on us — our search-and-destroy team of QA experts is on them before anything goes wrong. Our full-stack quality assurance and testing ensures clean features and an immaculate UI.

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Why SmartDev?

SmartDev is simply the smart choice for software development. That’s why we put the word ‘smart’ in our name, after all.

A Swiss-owned company with many years of experience, SmartDev delivers cutting-edge, reliable software backed by expertise and passion.

We’re proud to work with clients across the globe. We love our team, and we think you will, too. That expertise we mentioned is what fuels the engine of our company and delivers the goods. We merge the skills of European and Vietnamese software experts to build solutions that stand the test of time.

We attract and keep the best technical experts around to our development centre in Da Nang, Vietnam. Our job is to help you stay ahead of the curve and outpace the competition. Our goal is to challenge the status quo.

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Access to Top Talent

Our developers live and breathe software — they’re true experts in their field. We know they’re the backbone of our company, so we treat them right to keep them happy. A happy developer is a good developer, able to focus 100% of their energy on your project.

Cost Efficiency

Naturally, you want the best value for your money. That means top-notch engineers and innovative solutions that don’t break the bank. That’s us — the perfect combination of price and quality. We shoulder the costs of our talent to minimize your outlays.

Value-driven Engineers

Our engineers are rockstars. They love what they do — creating software and solutions that meet your values and goals.

Simple Model

You can focus on the commercialization of your product. We’ll handle everything else. You’ve got plenty on your plate already, and our job is to make your life easier.

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