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by Sam McCommon | June 21, 2022

6 Essential Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Tips For Managing A Remote Development Team Key takeaways: Managing a remote team requires communications, expectations,(...)

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by Sam McCommon | May 31, 2022

Remote Developer Rates in 25 Countries

Key takeaways: Remote developer rates vary according to the cost of living and development levels in different countries(...)

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by Sam McCommon | April 28, 2022

SmartDev’s New Office: Points for Style

It has been a long time coming, but the day is finally here: SmartDev is officially and happily in place in its new offi(...)

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by Sam McCommon | April 21, 2022

Nearshore vs Offshore: Clearing Things Up

Find out the differences between nearshore vs offshore outsourcing, and learn ways to navigate common hurdles.

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by smartdev | February 17, 2022

Rethinking the Office

For pretty much any business in the world, the last couple of years have been tumultuous, to say the least. Broad-scale (...)

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by smartdev | February 16, 2022

VeryPlay Studio’s Independence: Strength in Roots

A new year often heralds new beginnings — or in many cases draws attention to incipient developments that deserve more(...)

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by smartdev | January 21, 2022

Why Unity Is the Best Framework for Developing Hypercasual Games

What makes a hypercasual game popular? When talking about hot investments in IT, today many entrepreneurs regard hyperca(...)

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by smartdev | January 6, 2022

SmartDev’s Internships, Client Process, and Fun-loving Side

If you haven’t heard, Da Nang is an up-and-coming tech development hotspot, with an emphasis on “up” these days. A(...)

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by smartdev | December 24, 2021

SmartDev Recognised as one of Vietnam’s Fastest Growing Businesses

It’s not every day a company gets to toot its own horn, and it’s rarer still when that horn is tooted by someone els(...)