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by Sam McCommon | November 25, 2021

How DevOps Oils the Gears of Business

Modern business is constantly under pressure, and websites prove the rule more than the exception. This pressure transla(...)

by smartdev | November 24, 2021

SmartDev’s University Reachout: A Wild Success

SmartDev believes in continuing the education and edification of our employees — that’s simply a wise business decis(...)

by Sam McCommon | October 13, 2021

How Insurance Software Companies Can Help with Insurance Management Systems

If you were to say there’s a fair bit of number crunching in the insurance industry, you might be on to something.(...)

by Sam McCommon | October 12, 2021

Finding the Right Bespoke Software Development Company

Have you ever found that the software you use just isn’t right for you, or doesn’t do all the things youR(...)

by Sam McCommon | October 4, 2021

New Connectivity for Logistics: how logistics companies benefit from modern IT

Instead of disparate networks separated by gaps, the modern world has become completely interconnected. Ever-larger volu(...)

by Sam McCommon | August 6, 2021

Five Steps to Finding the Right Offshore Software Development Company

Congratulations! You’ve landed on this blog post, which indicates that you’re interested in an offshore software dev(...)

by smartdev | July 30, 2021

SmartDev Summer Internship Program

On July 28, SmartDev officially closed the Summer Internship Program 2021 with countless memories and unforgettable mom(...)

by smartdev | July 27, 2021

Software development vs web development

At first glance, distinguishing software development versus web development may seem to be a moot point. After all, they(...)

by smartdev | July 13, 2021

Happy Friday: just a tradition or something more?

Senior Human Resources Manager at SmartDev Team Vo and her teammate Diem Trinh told us all about Happy Fridays. It requi(...)