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Our expert programmers can design and program applications customized to your needs. Develop all kinds of applications including business, games, social apps and more.

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Are you looking for a mobile app developer for your company but unsure where to go, whom to ask, or how do things work? SmartDev app developers have worked on hundreds of mobile app projects down the years, with well-known companies and helping them build large-scale products.

Talk IoT. Talk Android and iOS development. Talk React Native App Development. Talk SmartDev.

Smart Mobile App Development

Our dedicated team offers a fast turnaround time within a cost effective approach. You name the app and its functions and we build it – be it for Android, or/and iOS.
We also develop mobile-friendly versions of your website and build native apps.

Explain us your project requirements! We can create it with: 

  • Flutter – Develop native apps on Android for better performance and time-to-market speed
  • React Native – Cost effective, good performance and the flexibility you need
  • Javascript – a language gaining prominence in building rich web experiences and hybrid mobile application development.
  • iOS programming – for building iPhone and iPad applications.
  • Android programming – for building Android-based applications.
Our Team
Our Team

Android App Development

There are millions of Android-powered mobile devices out in the market today. And thousands of Android apps.

To reach out to your audience though, you need an Android app that converts. Let our development team help. Our internal processes are designed to give birth to your projects and continuously increase their quality.

The SmartDev Android app developers team can deliver top-notch Android apps with unmatched features.

SmartDev provides numerous advantages for developers and enterprises.

  • Enterprises can develop an app and market it within days.
  • The apps are 100% native with high performance and top-notch quality.
  • Real-time preview to weed out errors or malfunctions.
  • High-performing apps with scalability.

iOS App Development

Develop iOS apps that adhere to Apple’s strict standards. Our app developers use Swift and Objective-C programming languages for the best user experience in iOS.

Our team of developers specialize in building iPhone apps, offering users a user-friendly UI/UX experience.

  • Scales to fit every device.
  • Gaming apps, healthcare apps, educational apps, and more.
  • Cross-platform development for better results.
  • We are a one-stop solution for designing, developing, and testing your app and ideas.
Our Team

React Native App Development

What if you could build an app that works seamlessly across popular platforms? We build cross-platform apps that can seamlessly run on both iOS and Android from a single code base. Code written in React Native is in an agnostic operating system; yet the apps feel precisely like native apps written in Java or Swift. Speed up your mobile app development for iOS and Android the smart way.

  • Optimal performance with a cost-effective approach
  • Stable apps with a user-friendly interface
  • Integrates well with third-party plugins
  • You get better speed and agility

App Development, Maintanence and Support

To suit the requirements of ever-changing business scenarios, we follow agile practices to consistently deliver high quality and relevant solutions to our clients. 

  • Custom application development in an agile fashion.
  • Prototyping of new ideas as well as analyze and plan your applications’ development.
  • Your choice of tools, framework, and methodology.
  • Architecting and building of scalable solutions for high traffic applications.
  • Automated application testing.

Why Choose Us? 

Access to Talent 

Our team of developers is in sync with the latest industry trends.

Cost Efficiency 

SmartDev offers competitive pricing for your projects.


We have been in the market for many years now – and are still growing and continuously striving to do better.


Over the years, our client satisfaction and retention rate have translated to increased brand reputation and credibility. 

    Our Team

    Our strong skills in Native Android, Swift, Flutter and React Native give us a distinct advantage in the field of application development for a wide array of platforms.

    Customized Mobile App Development

    Talk to us for:

    • Game development for smartphones.
    • Website based mobile applications for iPhones and Android.
    • Travel booking apps with a user-friendly interface and multiple options.
    • Social networking marketing applications for iOS compatible devices.
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