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Android development

We love making native Android applications. These are developed using Java — a language our developers know like their native spoken language. We keep ahead of the curve, so all our apps are compliant and up to date with the latest standards.

Android Native App Pros:

  • Excellent performance
  • High level of security
  • Interactive, intuitive features and UI
  • Access to a wide range of Android devices

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iOS development

Apple holds its apps and developers to a high standard — and so do we. Apple apps are developed using Swift and Objective-C, which our programmers are experts in. Those same programmers are fully up to speed with Apple’s current demands and compliance standards, and will create an app that makes you stand out.

iOS App Pros:

  • Top-notch user experience
  • Smooth performance
  • Broad compatibility — for example with new Apple M1 devices
  • Gets the most out of hardware

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React Native App Development

React Native apps are currently the most in-demand variety out there. A programmer can build a hybrid app that works on both Android and iOS using the well-loved and well-understood coding language of JavaScript. It’s an excellent choice for smaller budgets due to its cost and time efficiency.

React Native Apps Pros:

  • Supports both platforms
  • Features native components for maximum performance
  • Fast development cycle
  • Cost efficient

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Flutter App Development

Flutter is Google’s new software development kit, and it’s surging in demand and popularity. It’s popular with engineers because it makes the development of both Android and iOS apps easier and faster while maintaining quality. Flutter is a cutting-edge option that our developers use to equal or surpass native apps in terms of look, feel, and performance.

Flutter Apps Pros:

  • Cross platform support
  • Fast development
  • Great user experience
  • Open source supported by Google