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March 30, 2021

Category: ODC

VueJS Development

What is Vue.js

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework and an open-source project that is known for its agility. It is the best option for building user interfaces in responsive web projects.

The advantages of Vue.js are :
– quick to build, maintain and understand
– reactive
– clean syntax
– easily testable
– well documented. (https://vuejs.org/api/)
– has a low memory footprint.
– small size
– can be used in the backend as well via the Node engine, with isomorphic features.
– compatible with other frameworks and libraries.

What makes Vue a special framework is its component driven architecture which makes it a force to reckon with especially in creating large scale web applications.

Why SmartDev?

SmartDev has solid a experience in Vue.js development. We offer Vue.js developers, who are well trained to provide you fast development and dedicated service at a cost effective price your business can afford.

SmartDev is a Vietnam and remote software outsourcing company that is dedicated to providing high quality development services. We have a team of developers, designers and experts that create custom software you need.

We offer dedicated team of developers and professionals who will work closely with your business team to effective solve all the challenges you encounter in a digital market.

We have great success in supporting clients with their IT related products and services ranging from software development to business solutions.

Contact us at  [email protected] for free consultation on your project development needs.


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