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Prestigious Sao Khue Cup Award(...)

SmartDev, a powerhouse in the IT outsourcing industry, recently achieved a remarkable dual victory at the prestigious Sa(...)

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From Vision to Victory: SmartD(...)

Sao Khue Awards, established in 2003 by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), represent the zenith (...)

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The Evolution of Payment Syste(...)

Introduction: Navigating the Wave of Change in Payments  In the dynamic world of startups and accelerators, understandi(...)

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SmartDev Triumphs with Dual Wi(...)

SmartDev, a leading software development company in Switzerland, with 2 development centers in Vietnam (Da Nang, Hanoi),(...)

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A Quick Look into Machine Lear(...)

Overview  Asset management stands at the core of the financial sector, encompassing a range of activities aimed at maxi(...)

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Transform Your Finances: Disco(...)

In an era where digital innovation reshapes our world, financial inclusion is a pivotal force for equitable growth and s(...)