// Unsere Geschichte

Your partner for Software Innovation

SmartDev ist eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft von Verysell Technologies SA (Nyon, Schweiz) und war zunächst als hauseigenes Softwareentwicklungszentrum tätig. In einer boomenden SEA-Region im Jahr 2015 schnell wachsend, hat SmartDev zusammen mit der Entwicklung von Produkten für seine Muttergesellschaft begonnen, seinen eigenen Kunden Dienstleistungen anzubieten, die die Ideen von Startups und KMUs in funktionierende Produkte umwandeln. Wir haben ein erfahrenes Offshore-Hybrid-Mobilentwicklungsteam.

Ein Kerngeschäftsprozess bei SmartDev wurde nach den besten internationalen Standards von einem Schweizer AGIL-Trainer und dem ersten GD von SmartDev Alexandre Cuva etabliert.

// Erfahrung. Ausführung. Exzellenz.

Was wir eigentlich tun

There’s no secret sauce in our formula — it’s tried and true, and plainly obvious. We attract talent, keep that talent happy and keep it up to date, and then direct that talent to the benefit of our clients. That’s the formula that’s worked for us for years, and it’s one we’re going to keep.

//Unser Team

Unser Führungsteam

Alistair Copeland

Chief Executive Officer

Thrilled to be leading this vibrant, diverse team as we help our clients navigate a quickly growing and globalizing market — all while focusing on results for our clients.

Tam Vo

HR Manager

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Our people are the company — there’s no two ways about it. As HR manager, I make sure our people are taken care of and looked after so they can focus on their jobs.

Vincent Roye

General Director

As General Director, I see both sides of the equation: the client-side, broad-view perspective, and the day-to-day operations of our development center. Having this broad overview helps me make decisions that benefit everyone.

Maxime Perniola

Chief Technology Officer

No team is complete without technical experrtise — especially a software development company — so I make sure our offerings cover all bases, from traditional to cutting-edge.

Nguyen Le

Chief Operation Officer

“Raise your knowledge, step firmly into the future.”

Operations are simply what a company does on a daily basis. I make sure our operations are smooth, transparent, and solid — ensuring further solid results for our clients.

Luan Nguyen

Finance Director

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

As an expert in managing financial accounts, I oversee the incomings and outgoings of our cashflow and make sure the gears of our finance are greased.