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Are you looking for a mobile app developer for your company but unsure where to go, whom to ask, or how do things work? SmartDev app developers have worked on hundreds of mobile app projects down the years, with well-known companies and helping them build large-scale products.

Talk IoT. Talk Android and iOS development. Talk React Native App Development. Talk SmartDev.

1. Send us your project specifications

Send us the scope of your project and send us more details on the things you want to achieve. We would lile to know:
– The plaform(s): mobile, web, desktop…
– The systems: Android, iOS, Windows…
– The programming language(s): Vue.js, React Native, Swift… (if you have any preference)
– The design specifications: wireframes or final design
– Your deadline
– Anything else that you think might help us understand better your project


Our Team
Our Team

2. Meet our team

Our team will suggest you a meeting schedule to meet with our sales and technical team leader. During that session, we will introduce our company and development process. We will also delve deeper into your project and clarify any doubts concerning your project . We will also discuss the timeline. The meeting is free of charge.

If we are able to undertake your project, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect both parties by ensuring that whatever has been shared cannot be used elsewhere, before your project commences.

3. Review our proposal

Our team will prepare a proposal within 48h to discuss the details of your project. It will include the team members and their daily rates , a detailed timeline and any required milestones.

If you agree to our proposal, we will sign a contract and arrange the signing of our project team with your project team. You will then be able to start working on your project.

Our Team
Our Team

4. Story Maping

The main purpose of the story map is to help you build your story, from beginning to end. You can use it to visualise the workflows, see how everything fits together and to make sure that there are no holes.

Once you have finished your story map, you will probably find it easier to write the actual story. However, some people find it difficult to create a story map. If you are one of these people, just put off creating a story map for now and start writing your story straightaway.

5. Sprint 0 to final sprint

In the sprint 0 the goal is to put together a comprehensive project plan. we will deliver:
A functional piece of code, however small.
A prioritization of features or a list of stories.
A release plan assigning each story to a Sprint.

At the end of each sprint , we deliver a partially complete version of your project and demonstrate the progress that has been made. We do this by:
A demo of the functional tests.
A demo of the automated tests.
A demo of the integration tests.
We will also provide feedback to you on our progress and on any problems that need to be resolved before the next sprint can start.

Our Team
Our Team

6. Publication

After passing the UAT (User Acceptance Testing), the product is deployed in a production environment, and available to the end users.

Improvements and maintenance

Following the pucblication of the product, our team constantly upgrades the product to meet new technological challenges and requirements. We are ready to provide you with advice when it comes to maintaining the product, or implementing unusual features. As a result, the product becomes increasingly more stable and easy to use.

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