Angular App Development for Startups and Enterprises

Angular is an open-source framework (not a library!) that uses MVVM pattern as a basis for dynamic single-page web applications. Created by Google and backed by a large community, Angular is centered on delivering a perfect dynamic user experience.

With Angular’s help, developers can launch apps on any level of complexity and easily maintain them. Why do developers care about using Angular? Performance – Achieve maximum speed on a web platform. Typescript – Produce clean, readable source code that others can use with minimal study of documentation and codebase.

Templates – Create User Interface easily leveraging from robust template syntax. MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) – Make changes to User Interface without having to refactor app logic each time changes occur.

Cross-platform – Reuse most of the app source code through major cross-platform development tools such as Cordova, Ionic and NativeScript. Exactly what the modern IT world is looking for.


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Ongoing Support

6 Reasons to Hire Angular Development Team with SmartDev

Work with top talent

We’ll thoroughly prescreen Front-end Angular developers that fit your requirements, and then bring you in to interview and approve each member of your Angular development team. With Daxx, you’ll be able to hire Angular developers skilled in the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6 (ECMAScript6), grunt, gulp, webpack, karma, Jasmin, Mocha, Chai, HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, Bower, npm.

Manage your team directly

No third-party interference, your developers will report directly to you. We’ll get involved only if you want us to.

Save on team setup

Your team will work from one of our fully-equipped offices located in Danang, Vietnam’s largest tech cities. Every Angular developer you hire with us will get all the necessary hardware and software.

Enjoy all-round support

A team of HR and retention specialists, office managers, and system administrators will support your team on a daily basis, and our account manager will help you sustain an effective relationship with your programmers. We’ll also take care of payroll and taxes.

Get Agile coaching for your team

Our Agile consultant will get your team up to speed with the world’s most effective software development practices.

SmartDev makes remote easy

An Angular developer you hire with us works exclusively for you, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Your project is their full-time job, so they’re driven to work hard and deliver high-quality code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted payment methods?

We only accept bank transfer.

Do I own the source code of my project?

Yes, you do.

Can SmartDev work on an existing project?

We can resume the work on existing projects.

Can SmartDev produce the design of my apps / website?

Yes, we offer professional UX/UI design services.

Does SmartDev manage the deployment of my project?

Yes, we manage the deployment and the publication of your project. 

Can SmartDev sign a NDA before exchanging information?


Does SmartDev offer maintenance plans?

We sure do. We can adapt our plan to your need.


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